Cooking tips!

Cara International is not just a regular Au Pair Agency. We don’t finish our work once the Au Pair is assigned to a family, we accompany the Au Pair through the whole journey with advise and tips to make her stay more comfortable.

Today in Cara International we are talking about cooking in our blog. In this post you will find some cooking tips that will make your babysitting easier while you make dinner.

First of all, kids need healthy food in their everyday meals but sometimes it’s difficult finding time to cook this kind of dishes because you are so busy. Here you can find an easy, and healthy at the same time, recipe that will make your children really happy.



In future, children will live by themselves and they will cook their own dishes. Why not teach them how to cook? Of course you need to start with something simple, for example, a pizza.



However, sometimes you just need some time alone to prepare dinner, because you are a really complicated recipe. Then, you should find some games your kids can play in order to have some time by yourself but watch them at the same time. Let’s draw then!



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