About us

Opening doors to your world…

Here’s your chance!

Cara International’s founder and director, Caroline Joyce, has drawn on her own background and experience in social care to develop a business philosophy. Where the focus is on facilitating cultural exchange for programme participants. Caroline was determined from the onset that she would provide her customers with a personalised service, always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that participants receive all the information, guidance and support they need to have a successful experience overseas. For those who don’t already know this; “Cara” is, in fact, the Irish word for “friend”.

Our programmes allow you to explore the four corners of the Earth, safe in the knowledge that you will always have a friend to guide and support you until you are ready to return home.. whenever that is! Travel Bug limited is not a travel agency. We sell you interesting cultural programmes on line with our cultural policy.

You are free to book your flights independently often making significant saving. Our aim is to offer you choice of packages, saving you money and giving you that extra support that you need such as job support, 24 hour-help lines, advise on housing, friends link and much more. We have in country support and coordinators available in many countries. With Cara International and Travel bug you are safe and supported in your choices keeping not just you safe but Mum and Dad happy as well!


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