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Testimonials about our Agency

It is good to read about previous host families before you decide on Au Pair programme or on becoming a host family yourself.

Cara International presents you some testimonials from previous families. Enjoy reading!

“I dealt with Nikki – it was great to have continuity – felt Nikki really understood what I was looking for in an Au-Pair & matched me perfectly with Itziar. It was my first experience of employing an Au-Pair and I was most satisfied with Cara International – I have recommended your agency already to friends & in particular Nikki!”

Mary Rose Cantillon

“The best decision we have made was to get an au pair for 12 months. Our German au pair has been with us now for 3 months and I don”t know how we survived without one beforethis as we have 3 children ages 3, 2 and 7 months. She just adores the baby and her interaction with the others is excellent. She is a lovely girl and we treat her as part of the family…just like I would like my little girl to be treated if she ever went abroad to live and work. Our au pair is very happy here and we are certainly delighted that she has agreed to stay with us for a year.”

Sinead and Gerard Tormey

“I have found Cara International to be very capable, professional and friendly in all our dealings with them. There is a great level of support provided by the agency. We have had many au pairs from Cara International and would recommend them highly to any family who is considering them as an agency for au pair placement with their family.”

Angela Garvey

“We have worked closed with Cara International for quite a lot of years now and have found them to be excellent. They are always very tuned into our family’s needs and are sensitive to our concerns, i.e. the wellbeing of our children. They are easy to talk to and very helpful with all the various issues that arise when organising an Au Pair to come and stay with your family. Their staff are top class and Caroline has a team that is excellent to work with. I would recommend them without reservation.”

Steven and Maria Breen


Make Changes – find yourself a demi Au Pair

You hate lifting your children out of their beds and bring them to the crèche or external childminder? With an Au Pair your children can stay in their own environment with their own toys, bed and own routine. Are you worried about their exposure to infection? They have less exposure to infection as they are not as exposed to other children especially for younger children.Your children are getting to old and don´t want a childminder or creche?

An Au Pair is an ideal solution. It is cool to have an Au Pair. It is also a chance for older children to learn a language in an easy way like through play.You hate paying out large money to a weekly babysitter when you could have an Au Pair for the whole week for not much more?

A Demi Au Pairs receive a minimum of €50 per week pocket money for 20 hours plus 1 nights babysitting. You hate having to come home and do all the household jobs and would love to share the burden?

Au Pairs can do light housework especially around the children such as tidying their bedrooms, ironing their clothes, helping prepare their food etc.They are here to help and assist you like a family member. In return you treat them as a family member by including them. 

You hate that you cannot get a babysitter and never go out ?The Au Pair program is flexible. The Au Pair is entitled to 2 days off per week but this can be in half days or around times that suits the family.

The demi Au Pair can do one nights babysitting per week.You would love your children to be exposed to cultures and languages?The Au Pairs can share their culture with you and your family and teach your children some of their languages too.

You have heard so many bad stories about Au Pairs and really not sure it’s for you ? This is why it is so important to go through an established agency. Our Au Pair Agency in Ireland Cara International is as over 10 years of experience in the Au Pair industry. We have placed in excess of 2000 Au Pairs. We know this program verry well and have very established systems in place to make sure your placement is successful. We are happy to say that we have approximately 99% success rate with our placement.

You cannot afford the minimum wage payment for a childminder?The Au Pairs are here on a cultural exchange programme. They are here to be part of the family. In this regard they are not an employee and not subject to minimum wage.They receive pocket money for the help they give the family like any older member of your family has to contribute to the running of the home.

You are nervous of having someone in your house as an employee and having employment contracts, health and safety legislation etc.? n Au Pair is on a cultural exchange. You agree your terms and conditions with Cara International when you complete your application. Cara International checks in with you all to ensure that the placement is working well for everyone.


Cara International loves communication!

Cara International  loves communication!

Cara International has set up our facebook page, our profile in twitter and our blog. Through this social canals we can communicate better. Choose your way how to be in contact with us!


  • Twitterfolllow us @caraaupairs and get more involved in Au Pair world.
  • Facebooklike our page . Everyday you will see on your wall new tips, artikels, music, travelling tips, events, which may be useful for you!
  • Blog– we are blogging for you! Let´s find inspiration and enjoy better the stay in Ireland!

We looking forward for your comments and messages!


Cara International

Satisfaction with Cara International

Cara International is an aupair agency situated in West of Ireland, near to town Castlebar.  Cara International has been opening doors since 2001 when its inbound Aupair programme.  In the last nine years the agency succesfully placed over 2000 Aupairs with Irish families.

Cara International offers professional full service with long tradition. The result of our services are satisfied customers and happy Aupairs . On our webite you can find out what our Irish  family say.

“We have been receiving Au Pairs through Cara International for a few years now, and this agency always strives to place the best possible Au Pair with a family. They provide a personalised, professional service, and are always just a phone call away to sort out any problems. I would not use any other agency, and recommend them without reservation.”

Dr. Noreen Curtis, Achill

Cara International finds out the right Aupair for you, who suits you according to your requirement. The agency is here, for our families and Au-Pairs, to give advice, help or to solve any problem. Just ring 94 9289802.

Also on our website you can read many testemonies from Aupair placed by ourself!

“The first time abroad – speaking a different language – living with a family which is not yours – in a country where you don’t know anybody …. IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!

I tried to find a family on my own, but the more I thought about it, the better seemed the idea of having an agency to me – in case there would be any problems.

The best thing about being an Au Pair is to get to know lots of new people! Irish people (and that’s one thing, which took me quite a long time to get used to it) are very curious -but in a good way! Strangers are talking to you, no matter where you are – on the bus, in the shopping center, at the beach, everywhere! Ill really gonna miss this kind of mentality now!

In my first two weeks, I met 10 other Au Pairs and every time we were out together, we meet some more. They are from all over the world and we are still in contact, which is great!

To come to an end I just want to say, that is was an amazing experience for me, I met lots of great people, and I got a lot more self-confidence than I had before!

If you have got the chance to go abroad – JUST DO IT!”

Ramona Fellner (Austria)

Au Pair weekend in Ireland with Cara International

Cara International, the Au Pair agency is going to organize weekend for Au Pairs. The main programme is walking festival in Foxford, Wood and Mill visitor centre, traditional pub with irish music and Turlough museum with irish country life. Are you Au Pair and want to meet friends? Join us and have fun!

The event is going to be in middle of October 22-23rd October in county Mayo! The programme is following:

Accomodation is situated in Castlebar by the lake. See  www.

If you are interested and want to join us, please contact:

skype: carainternational

Tel: 00 353 94 9289802

Cara International participated Bump and Beyond Fair in Castlebar!

Cara International partcipated  Bump and Beyond Fair on Sunday 4th September  in the event centre at Breaffy House Resort in Castlebar. The event was created for new or expeciting parents.

The visitors should get know information about Au Pairs and about our services.  On Sunday you could speak with a director of Cara International- Caroline Joyce.

The visitors were interested in Au Pair services. Usually they hadn´t known,  there is a possibility to get the Au Pair. Actually the Au Pairs from Europe are interested to come to Ireland. They want to improve English,  get know the culture, meet friendly Irish people and be part of Irish families.

But the Au Pair is not nanny. The Au pair is not a professional. She is a big sister of children.The Au Pairs have experience with children when they did babysitting, took care of younger sibling or did training in kindergarten for furure teaching children . Cara International do interview with Au Pairs and give traning materials to Au Pairs.

 The Aupair doesn´t earn salary, but pocket money. It is around 85-100 euro a week. It can be cheaper option, because the nannies are expensive for many families.

For more information read this article.

The Au Pair is a perfect chance for busy parents with children between 1-15 years old. The Au Pair can be a big help for your household. She can do light housework such as ironing, cleaning, hoovering etc. She can cook light meal for your children. But mainly she takes care about your children – plays games, draws pictures, makes creativity things, does sport etc.

Even if you like go out during the evening-  for dinner, go to cinema or theather, have a drink with your friends – you can ask for babysitting. The Au Pair usually babysitt twice a week.

We enjoyed the afternoon with parents very much!