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Culture shock

For going abroad you need to be aware of the fact – you might get culture shock. Culture shock is the moment when you feel depressed while you are visiting foreign country, It can happen with everyone.

Main reason for depression is feeling lonely and feeling like a stranger in a completely new country, even you are use to traveling, it still can affect you! Most likely people who travel for the first time or first time living far away from home, get home-sickness. It is necessary to be well prepared for this journey!

If you get depressed, it is very important to not to give up and not to sink into the sadness. It is very hard to deal with it alone, so first what you need to do is to ask for help to other people around you! If you are Au Pair do not be afraid to talk to the host family, they will do everything they can to help you and cheer you up. In your free time do not stay at home, go outside, visit cities and local places around you. Learn about Irish culture before you arrive, and know what to expect.

Remember: even you are traveling alone, you are never alone in the foreign country, there will be someone, who will help and support you always! If culture shock affects you try to get through it, it is better than going home!


Go abroad? YEEES!

I have been abroad many times. Who not?!

Firstly as a tourist with my parents. We spent holidays by the beach in Italien riviera, sighseeing monuments in France and skiing in Austrian Alps. Nearly every year I could discover new places. I enjoyed it very much, of course!

Then in my teenage age, I started to travel with my friends. ( Of course my parents were a bit sad.). We started to visit neighbouring countries. Later we took plane and travel in further distances. We slept in camps, hostels trying to do the low cost holiday.

What are you expecing now? The holiday with my boyfriend or even with my children?!:-) Wrong! It can wait!

I take a advantage to travel and discover world from different point of view. I´ve started to study and work abroad!

English is not my native language and when I was 19 I applied for summer course in England. It took 7 weeks. I couldn´t imagine staying abroad alone and it made me so scared. Alone without friends, family. But it was the best decision  I have ever done! Meeting new people, living in host family, becoming more self-confident. It was different type of discovering country and culture. Not as the tourist, who books hotel, plane and stays in tourist places! I improved my English and  gain new friends. I was so excited and  open to do it again! And I did!

I started to study at university. I have been opened to go abroad again. As a university student you have more opprotunity to get work or internship. In these days it is very important to get attractive your CV and be better then others. You need experience and now it is the best time to do it!

I decided to go abroad and work as an intern in international company. I am gaining experince, having fun , improving language and travelling around. I am getting involved in culture, meeting local people in bus, pub or swimming pool. I am glad for the opportunity. You need to make decisoin and do it. It is a new style of life!

Travel Bug Limited can offer many student´s programmes. You can be Au- Pair, do internship or teach English abroad. Don´t be scared and throw away prejudices about countries. Discover places and cultures  by yourself and gain your own experince. Travel, Work, Enjoy life! As I am doing! 🙂

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